It turns out that, often, one solution that applicable for them may inapplicable to me. I still in loan agreement period, and can I go apply repayment exemption? And yesterday they gave me first warning letter to ask me to pay Rm3k plus as outstanding payment which have to be settled in 30 days Hi, I got my 1st class degree but I extended a semester. Anonymous 06 September,

Hi, i have a question, regarding the application form downloaded from ptptn website should it be verified as well? Bro, I called ptptn to followup my application. Hi, I have apply for the exemption but still didnt get any reply after wait for 2 months, is there any futher step i need to take or the application fail already? First, make sure you fulfill all the requirements for this application. Like us on Facebook Afterschool. I’ll try to list down step by step on what you should do to hopefully ease your application process. Thank you for replying in such a short time.

You will get a verification call in 30 Seconds Courses you are interested in choose min.

[SHARING] How to apply PTPTN Repayment Exemption (General)

Anonymous 7 April at We’ve worked really hard for it after all right? My question is “Am I entitled to the loan exemption? Where can I get the exemptioon of MQA? Everyone shold write a lkan thank you card to J for fighting for it! However, I’m able to finish the courses within the stipulated time period, do you know whether I am still eligible for the conversion? Anonymous 15 January at One way to get rid of this kind of worry is to call PTPTN to ensure the person in-charge is still the same.


Verification letter if “First Class” is not stated in your degree petter. Photocopy of academic transcripts verified by your university. However, I haven’t apply for exemption from loan repayment because I haven’t got my certificate and academic transcript yet.

I scored CGPA exrmption. May I know if I receive first class honour undergraduate degree from my universitystill can apply for exemption? Helps a lot as these information is not publicly available. Hi Noblebraska, Thanks for highlighting this question.

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Unknown 31 July at Your degree loan account will be removed after approved maybe next following year? In addition, I saw few newspaper articles reports this matter but it does not change the ltter for the exemption. I didn’t find out any stated period for me to complete my study in the document.

Do you need finance to expand your business? The Ultimate Showdown Jul 12, Thank for the reply isroxck! Hi, I just wanna clarify a few things Is I qualify for the application? You can also choose to post the documents to PTPTN HQ because certain PTPTN office might not that efficient they want to collect all application documents and post them together and this process maybe last for more than 2 or 3 months.


Hello,may i know which uni you attended?

application letter for ptptn loan exemption

Hi Chuah, I think it takes time for them to ‘pass’ the latest information to other department sand to update the status on the online system. The PTPTN loan exemptiob by far the most popular option among students who look for financial assistance to held fund their tertiary education. I live in Singapore and i am a happy woman today?

application letter for ptptn loan exemption

Hi Chegiap, I think you can try to go to academic registry of your university to require the letter first. If you have not, then register with Afterschool right away as our academic experts are appllcation to light your way with their years of expertise. Thanks for you information provided here bro. Actually, it’s because I alplication the post to be properly written instead of me half-assing it.

The instruction letter is just a reminder or a guidance. Derek Email osmanloanserves gmail.