But another potential effort is to target individual senate seats. This is essentially what data we have. She is most interested in helping facilitate communication between legal professionals and families undergoing various crises including divorce, family illness and loss, and custody disputes. With basketball no longer an option, her passion for helping other athletes overcome injuries and traumatic diagnosis sparked her curiosity and lead her to research. In a moment of hope, I asked my professor if I could call an audible on the regression project we had just been assigned and try to predict the outcomes of Student Government elections. I took a look at the senate and graphed the winning percentage since in Spring elections, and found that, again, Independent parties won, on average, only

To many students, the accusations were shocking, while others thought it was common knowledge. Three years ago, I sat in a statistics class that covered regression techniques thinking about anything but statistics. A few months back, Dave Bradshaw, then a graduate student, asked to meet with me. This is a rather simple, but extremely useful method. A fun fact is that she has three dogs and two cats that live with her.

Impact also won 39 out of the 50 senate seats. In her spare time, Summer enjoys event coordination, particularly for weddings, floral design, thrift shopping, traveling, and spending time with her husband and perfect orange cat, Oliver.

Student Government: A Breakdown of the 2016 Spring Elections

A few things to note about the data found on my github. It was originally submitted via petition by Global vote and needed 60 percent of votes in order to pass. We are ready to develop unique theses according to your requirements, no bradshaw how strict they are.


For decades, the System has dominated campus life in ways shadier than most know. Turns out, other than for a couple elections, the System has managed to win a super-majority of elections.

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I agreed to meet outside the Reitz one Sunday evening. Clearly, one answer is to focus on elections in their first semester on campus, when the vote share is far higher on average. Edit Article Add New Article. The Social at Midtown.

Disturbing findings on UF student leadership | Columns |

But another potential effort is to target individual senate seats. Why not follow their example and place your order today?

The rest of this piece will contain my findings, my failures, the data behind them, and instructions to how to try this type of work on your own. The amendment received 68 percent, with 6, votes in support and 2, votes against it.

bradshaw thesis uf

As a graduate instructor, she has taught Fundamentals of Speech Communications and Interviewing: When approaching a problem like this, I thought of two main approaches. Original Papers We have zero bradshaw for plagiarism; thus we guarantee that every thesis is written from scratch. Election Modeling In the field of election modeling, academics and media organizations often use what are called fundamentals to predict election results.

This is a rather simple, but extremely useful method. The findings are shocking.

bradshaw thesis uf

Again, there are dozens of different implementations and scoring mechanisms for decision trees, including the classic classification and thesiw trees, and the ensemble trees ut the Boosted Tree and Random Forest a great background implementation article can be found here. Her professional experience includes three years as the public relations manager of Preferred Medical Group which includes three clinics and six providers in pediatrics, family practice, and child psychology and one year as a Marketing Director for Chick-fil-A in Lawton, Oklahoma.


This will be unsurprising to anyone who has worked in local elections, but the election results are stuck in nearly unreadable pdf files sitting in different formats. The Pavilion on 62nd. At the time the data was collected, the sample size for Infinity was 1 and the average is certainly distorted. Our experts create writing masterpieces that earn our customers not only high grades but also a solid reputation from demanding professors. Graphically, decision trees look like this. We have thousands of satisfied customers who click already recommended us to their friends.

Her research focuses on family crisis communication and family conflict. She is obsessed with vivid colors, animal leopard patterns, and fast cars. Below is a graph of party success, broken down by Establishment, by the age uv the party how long brashaw party has been on campus. Many examples siegel, j. Impact Party took the Executive ticket. If your thesis is just around the corner and you have tons of coursework piling up, contact us and we will ease your academic burden.