As per the advice and recommendations of respected supervisor Zakia Binte Jamal, the main concentration of this report is marketing policies and strategies of Aaong Bangladesh. Thus we hope Aarong will keep up their journey and would become one of prestigious brand by representing Bangladesh. Aarong sales person provide good service. The village fair provides craftsmen of all trades a marketplace to display and sell their traditional handicrafts. We are very much pleasure that we are getting chance to visit some place.

The sample frame was Sample Random Sampling for conducting questionnaire survey to customer. The management of the Aarong is highly qualified. Because aarong the plan rate of employee turnover at majormass retailers, customer service and personal detail has been lost. Deficiencies in Data required for the study. They are working hard to give a good and strong solution for the Aarong. These activities increase the market stability for dairy farmers and provide high quality products to consumers in urban areas. It is linked with foreign correspondents all over the world and a subsidiary in Italy.

business plan of aarong in bd

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to busuness you with relevant advertising. In the end of my study I would like to conclude by sharing my feeling that, it was a great journey of my internship in Aarong.

business plan of aarong in bd

Manage their business in two segments: The management of the Aarong is highly qualified. Recovery sections have to be fast and should take clear information about the customer.

This is mainly attributed to the fact significantly large amount of capital and resources are required to set up an institution that would actively threaten the progress or success of Aarong. But they have some problem in their old traditional system although they are trying their best to start online shopping system.


(PDF) Customer satisfation of Aarong | Md Mahadi Hasan –

Aarong should follow the card process. Sada kalo has created a new trend in or fashion design and ready-made garments for different age groups and personalities. In the period of my three months internship program, I got position and some duties in Aarong. Be honest and ask friends and colleagues for input. In the years of operation, since its establishment, the fair trade organization has faced stiff competition from the competing fair trade organization.

They are doing hard work to provide good service to their customer.

Business plan of aarong in bd

buusiness Public relation manager need to survey hd impression about Aarong 1. As far as Aarong is concerned about the process of there doing business by which they can provide excellent service. Aarong expanded its business in international arena. It is this husiness blend of contemporary and customary that ensures that each product is original and saleable in a modern society. If Aarong facing any kind of problem then this department are find out that problem and give the solution of those problems.

And the most important part of the Aarong, the marketing department of Aarong is very much keen to provide good offers and services. Aarong is organizing yearly picnic session for their employees and different kind of cultural program in the memorable day in Bangladesh.

Cash department is the focusing part for a Fair trade organization. For that reason, they did not want to give me so much authority to businesz any kind of work.

Over the years, Aarong has earned a name as one of the finest rural craft producers and marketer in home and abroad. They are not that much depends on their marketing department.


Sales department are work under the marketing department. Getting card Collecting Evaluating project proposal from Information and proposal About customer About project Figure 7: A lot of milk wasted because dairy farmers did not have enough demand to sell their milk and no proper refrigeration to store the unsold milk.

Aarong is starting their online shopping system very soon. The comparative position of the players in the market: In Aarong, the employee are directly related to contact with their customer, They instructed all concerned for ensuring better customer services aarkng to improve relationship with customers for effective business expansion of the Aarong. Customers must fill out and submit only one 1 form and busijess be 16 years and above.

Business plan of aarong in bd

Aarong is an organization that is dedicated to change the lives of disadvantages, promoting traditional products from Bangladesh and opening the doors so their products can be exported. Does the business world need you?: So IT department are keep frees those computer and easy to keep all the information.

So operating department is operating all the data of their booth and operates all kind buskness network system of the Aarong.