For Research and Sample purposes only. R — you have been referred in the examination. If you do not wish us to provide this information please email the Assessment Team examboards essex. This would mean that you will not be required to be in attendance dueing Autumn term. Common Reasons for Failure Students fail elements of their degree for a number of reasons. See the full rules of assessment. The honours classification is initially based on your aggregate percentage mark.

These situations can seem terribly disheartening for students, but it is important to remember that universities do offer second chances for genuinely honest and hard-working students! Below you will find further information. If you choose to resit without graduating, then you will be eligible for the maximum amount of reassessment allowed. It is your responsibility to contact your department if you do not receive this information within the next few weeks. Candidates taking holidays abroad are NOT eligible to sit their examinations abroad. Before submission, students should remember that by choosing to resit examinations or other assessments, they will be prevented from graduating in July

can you redo coursework at uni

You can contact this person at any time and they can advise you on how to address any challenges you are facing. Each university has its own procedures for student academic appeals, and in general it requires a somewhat lengthy process.

University of Warwick, This would involve you returning to the same stage in September and taking only the modules not achieved next year in their entirety. We do not sell your data and do not resell our papers. If you have up to 60 credits not achieved, you will have been offered the opportunity to redeem these modules normally over the summer. You may be trying to work out whether it is worth undertaking reassessment as you have already passed your degree.


We value your privacy. Chinese version available — click to switch Contact us: If you are unable to pay the debt, you should contact your Student Services Hub. The maximum number of credits a student can be referred in during the summer is 60 credits.

R — you have been referred in that coursework. Please be aware that you will not be allowed to take a combination of referral and repeat. It is your responsibility to contact your department if you do not receive this information within the next few weeks. Changes of course can be requested via the Student Request Portalincluding:. In serious cases the matter can be referred to a University Ethics Board, that will have the authority to take a range of measures against the student.

Some professionally accredited programmes may not allow compensation.

Board of Examiners’ outcomes – Students – University of Essex

Please talk to staff in your department if you have queries about which option you should choose from those offered to you by the Exam Board.

Kent Union Advice Centre. Thursday 5 July To be eligible for compensation the following criteria must be met: Yyou three-letter code beginning with R next to one or more elements is a referral code which means you must complete further assessment in that element for the corresponding module.

If you pass everything next year you would be able to graduate. There are mechanisms in place to ensure quality and standards of marking, involving both internal and external academics.

Tuition fees Most UK and EU students are eligible for a tuition fee loan for the full duration of their course, plus one additional repeat year, minus any previous full or part years of study at Higher Education level. Want us to call you? Submissions after this deadline will NOT be accepted and coursewok will therefore be deemed to have accepted the award recommended by the Board of Examiners. I have been awarded an ordinary degree, however there is no indication of the classification.


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can you redo coursework at uni

In this case, your sponsorship may not be curtailed depending on how many modules you must repeat and which terms you are required to be in attendance.

Students are entitled to attend a Graduation Ceremony when they have been awarded a Diploma of Higher Education.

What to do if you fail your essay, assignment, exam or dissertation

First, you need to understand whether you have failed an element of a module, the entire module, or the dissertation. All students have three attempts with the exception of those taking professional practice modules. Your browser is out-of-date! This form must include a signature from a relevant academic advisor or nominee if you are unsure who this is, please contact your school coursewor,as well as the candidate, to confirm the appropriate academic advice has been provided and understood.

If you have valid extenuating circumstances covering non-attendance or non-submission of an assessment, and would rdo to be reassessed, please contact your faculty by the appeal deadline.