Veerapandiya Kattabomman was crowned in his thirtieth year on 2nd February and effectively ruled the area which encompassed 96 villages divided into 6 Divisions. The first of the Kattabommu family who settled at Salikulam was appointed as a Chief Guard to the then King Sri Jaga Veera Pandian of Veerapandiyapuram presently known as “Ottapidaram” in recognition of his bravery and fighting capability. Our ancestors fought against the British and got us released from the clutches of British who controlled most of the countries in this world by their might and will. Ramasamy Great freedom fighter from Tamilnadu – Complete profile and biography Ramasamy was a great indian freedom fighter and a social reformer from Tamilnadu. The attitude of Kattabomman of not calling on him and not paying taxes irritated the new Collector Jackson.

Since Kattabomman was the first of the new clan, he came to be known as Adi Kattabomman aadi means first or beginning in Sanskrit and Tamil. Read one hero a day. Then later assuming name as Kattabomman in Tamil and being first one called Adhi Kattabomman in fact it is also called as Kattabommu with their original origin of Telugu. After the escape, Kattabomman and his men took shelter in Thirukalampur forest which was under the domain of King of Pudukottai. The fall of Titans – Taking lessons from history This article describes about the real facts of disastrous collapse of merger between AOL and Time Warner. Many Freedom fighters of Tamilnadu opposed British rule.

He quite often organized dances and music for entertainment.

essay on veerapandiya kattabomman

The Kattabommu’s ancestors had migrated from Andhra Pradesh to settle in a village called “Salikulam” to avoid marital alliances with the Muslim King and to safe guard the heritage of Hindu culture. This is a strictly moderated site. Following these setback, nothing was in his support he just took the shelter in a deep forest at pudukkottai district. Though the agreement ended inthe British demanded to retain the right to collect taxes from the southern states.


It was mentioned in the story that Veerapandiaya Kattabomman belongs to “thogalavar” community.

Kayatharu, where Kattabomman was executed has remained a place of political pilgrimage. Kattabomman refused to pay his dues and for a long time refused to meet Jackson the Collector of the East India Company. The site of his execution at Kayathar has become a “powerful local shrine” and at one time sheep were sacrificed there. In JanuaryMr. Life history of ants This article describes about the life history of ants.

Veerapandiya Kattabomman Biography

The new Collector of Tirunelveli wrote to Kattabomman calling him for a meeting on 16th March, Veerapanddiya early history of ancestors of Veerapandiya Kattamomman in the district of Tirunelveli in Tamilnadu. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The Collector wanted the ruling house of Sethupathis to prevent Kattabomman from aligning himself with the enemies of the Company and decided to attack Kattabomman.

We live with prestige, honour and dignity and we let our soul die for the prestige, honour and dignity of our land.

essay on veerapandiya kattabomman

Later he became the president of All India National congress. Yarai ketkirai kisthi – There is a similar dialogue in Karnataka by Sangoli Rayanna and I would like to know from veerapandkya did this dialogue originate. The British invasion with Veerapandiya Kattabomman On 5th Septemberthe British invaded Panchalamkurichi surprisingly when the whole of Panchalamkurichi subjects were at Tiruchendur on a festival celebration. This secret veerapzndiya was leaked to the British by his friend Ettappa naikkar.

Ramasamy Great freedom fighter from Tamilnadu – Complete profile and biography Ramasamy was a great indian freedom fighter and a social reformer from Tamilnadu. Is this community, anyway, connected to “mutharaiyar” community?

Veerapandiya Kattabomman – early freedom fighter from Tamil Nadu before 1857 rebellion

Below you will find a sample outline and the essay written from that outline paragraph 2 first supporting point paragraph 3 second supporting point began work as a full time volunteer with the five and six year old children last june. The British also instigated his long time feuding neighbor Ettayapuram Poligar to make provocative wars over Kattabomman on their long pending territorial disputes. Arumugathammal [ citation needed ].


essay on veerapandiya kattabomman

Free essay on gun violence in america posted: The Nayak rule in Madurai which controlled the entire West Tamil Nadu after two centuries came to an abrupt end in when Chanda Sahib of Arcot seized the Madurai throne from the last queen of Madurai in an act of treason.

According to history, the struggle to freedom was “ON” many centuries before, and it was a matter of great concern.

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Their function was a mixture of military governance and civil administration. Newer Post Older Post Home. The British army faced strong resistance from the Kattabomman army and had to with draw its forces. Comments No responses found.

Jackson did not like it. Veerapandiya Kattabomman was born in an Nayakkar family to Aadi Kattabommu and Aarumugathammal on January 3, and became the 47th king of Panchalankurichi at an age of The popular Tamil slang for a traitor or committing treason is Ettapa or Ettapan, courtesy the Ettayapuram Polygar whom the British later conferred the title of Raja. He wrote two letters to Kattabomman in February and in April and warned that Kattabomman’s territory would be seized if he did not call on him and pay the taxes.