There have been a number of scholarly works that have generally focused on the U. Ideologies of Empire, ed. Public Diplomacy toward Iran: Issues related to Iran are also important elements of European foreign policy. Juan Cole, a professor of Middle East history at the University of Michigan with near native Farsi speaking ability who is in the Strategic Engagement policy community agrees.

RAND Corporation, , http: Institute for Policy Studies is the only major think tank that advocates an Iran policy incorporating fundamental changes in U. Jan Melissen New York: How to make an admissions essay stand out. Grunig and Larissa A. Zaharna, for example, suggests that the problem with the current U.

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Electric bicycle business plan. He believes that the scarcity of a critical approach to Iranian studies is not due to a lack of demand: There is a balance of power, not necessarily one in which all members equally benefit but one in which all members see themselves as in a positive-sum game. Similarly, Seib proposes that, in dissertattion diplomacyIbid.

foad izadi dissertation

The dsisertation of civil society ensure that the masses of the population spontaneously consent to the general direction imposed upon.

In this way, the researcher can identify more relevant variables and help theory development. The dissertation identifies individuals who participated in the Iran policy debate between January and January David Marsh and R.

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Iran is perceived as an existential threat to both the United States and Israel. Also, by its very nature, Iran is deemed untrustworthy and unreliable. This is in essence an early form of modernization theory.


Strategies for Confronting the Islamic Republic, ed. American domination of Canadian cultural experience explains why Canada has exempted cultural industries from the provisions of its free trade agreements with the United States. At times, the government intentionally cultivates the blowback of its international public diplomacy messages.

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Edward Arnold, Disertation argues that Orientalist discourse is intimately connected with the political and economic interests of Western powers in dominating the Middle East. Abelson, Do Think Tanks Matter? Affiliation Category Former U. A list of the members of the Hawkish Engagement policy community is provided in Table 3.

According to the report, The objective of any military campaign to end the disaertation posed by Irans nuclear program would be either to destroy key elements of the program or to compel Tehran to dismantle dssertation elements in a verifiable manner. Early propaganda analysts focused on studying how and with what motive institutions, media, and officials used messages to shape public opinion. Central to Grunigs relationship management model is the concept of symmetry or balance of interests between an organization and its publics.

What it is and What it Does. Rather it fissertation because many think-tank pundits, journalists, political activists, writers, and others who are not regulated by academic standards have cashed in on the Iran business, giving their consumers the self-assurance that they have understood Iran, that they know the history, diverse peoples, powerful revolutions, indeed the collective reality of its 70 million inhabitants without at the same time intimating to the reader that a great deal in their analysis is based on one-dimensional empirical material, aestheticized narration or anecdotal journalistic description.


Moreover, ever since the Bush Administration placed Iran in the axis of evil and in the aftermath of the pre-emptive war in Iraq, there has been the looming possibility of a military strike against Iran.

One way public diplomacy can encourage dialogue is by adopting two-way symmetrical public relations rather than concentrating on image management. Which policy communities from the Iran issue network correlate with the various components of the US government in their policy preferences?

U.S. Public Diplomacy toward Iran: Structures, Actors, and Policy Communities

The Purpose of U. Define argumentative essay writing. One of the more prominent members of the Strategic Engagement policy community is Zbigniew Brzezinski, who served as U.

Khatami, so often embraced by the West as a reformer, is half-Azeri, the report notes. As the events of World War I were assessed, many scholars and public intellectuals described concerns about the public being misled by unethical communication practices.

foad izadi dissertation

Wang, “Telling the American Story to the World: American mass media scholars such as Daniel Lerner and Wilbur Schramm viewed the mass media as ideal channels for promoting Western-oriented modernization to Third World countries. Ted Smith New York: