Even though breastfeeding will stimulate uterine contractions, it is not as important as client stability. How About Make It Original? A The unit clerk who answered the call. By clicking “SEND”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Ten minutes later, the Infant Abduction alarm on the unit is activated, and the nurse sees Mr. Haven’t found the Essay You Want?

Taking advantage of a drug-drug interaction: CORRECT The administration of cold blood commonly causes the client to feel cold, but does not constitute chills and fever, which are indicative of a febrile nonhemolytic reaction. Epilepsy and the dental management of the epileptic patient and seizure disorders. The nursing priority is to ensure her safety by implementing use of all four side-rails and instructing her to not get out of bed for the first time without assistance. What should the nurse do in response to these assessment findings?

INCORRECT The licensed practical nurse, even with many years of experience, should not be assigned to care for an unstable client with acute care needs, including the transfusion of a second unit of blood. The nurse asks the UAP to bathe Marie and change the bed linens.

Causes of early postpartal hemorrhage include uterine atony relaxation of the uteruslaceration of the genital tract, and retained placental answerz. The claimant was a 33 year old female who held a. They will spontaneously resolve, but until they do, Marie will be given pain medication and placed on strict, reclined bed rest to limit her movement.

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While waiting for help to arrive, what is the next priority action? It posrpartum not done on the mother. Acidic having a ph of less. Sex and gender differences in psychogenic non-epileptic. Ten minutes later, poostpartum Infant Abduction alarm on the unit is activated, and the nurse sees Mr.


Cerebral palsy is caused by damage to the part of the brain that controls movement. She does not need pain medication at this time. INCORRECT An increase or improvement in the blood pressure indicates that the fluids being administered are treating the hypovolemia, but it does not necessarily mean that the oxytocin is effective.

The nurse should inject 1 ml into the bag of NS. Features that evolve at one point can become a hindrance later on. The healthcare provider requests continuation of IV fluids as previously prescribed for adequate hydration and then prescribes strict reclined bed rest, Foley catheter, caffeine and sodium benzoate 0. Marie says she has never seen her husband like this and that he has never abused her verbally, physically, or sexually.

D The charge nurse, two staff nurses, and an unlicensed assistive personnel UAP rush in to assist the nurse with Marie.

Evolve seizure disorder case study

This will not place Marie at risk for fluid overload, considering her dehydrated state and low blood pressure. B Request a prescription for hourly hemoglobin and hematocrit measurements. A distended bladder impedes uterine contraction and contributes to excessive bleeding.

The Pitocin will react with the blood and cause clotting and hemolysis of the blood cells. The nurse reassesses the client. Wilson walking out the door with an infant in his arms. B Compare the blood type on the blood labels with the requisition forms.


The nurse is responsible for on-going assessment of the client and preparation for administration of the second transfusion of A negative blood, which is the highest priority action.

Emergency scenarios with case review seizure this emergency scenario is about a patient with seizure, and is set up for role-play and case of seizure disorder.

hesi case study postpartum answers

INCORRECT The charge nurse during the next four hours will be tied up with managing the unit, making new admission assignments, handling problems, and overseeing client care. You could not should know which the postpartuk is. She should assess for it, and administer the drug as necessary.

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Marie is able to void ml on the bedpan and reports that she feels she has emptied her bladder completely. A firm fundus indicates uterine contraction during the postpartum period, which is important to prevent further hemorrhage.

C Start an additional IV using a 16 or 18 gauge angiocath. The nurse should be assigned to care for more stable postpartum clients. Read and download answers to evolve thyroid disorders case study free ebooks in pdf format riddles and answers to the riddles answers to prayer what if gods answers.

A stool softener is usually administered within 24 hours of delivery, but it is not a priority at this time.

hesi case study postpartum answers