He is a little like Miriam Santiago to me, speaking for shock affect and in big, controversial pronouncements like doing away with congress. Mariano Renato Pacifico says: Former President Joseph Estrada expressed condemnation towards the rebels saying that a peace talk with them would not work and believes a declaration of an all-out war against them is only the solution to the peace process in Mindanao. In this case, it was to thwart or eliminate the intruders in the community. It is situated in the infamous SPMS Salbu-Pagatin-Mamasapano-Shariff Aguak Box where actors and factors converge to create a unique dynamics that demands strict adherence to coordination.

I think part of the reason why people are so reluctant to take responsibility is that investigations here have an element of the witch hunt about them. Aba describes Langalan’s body as being riddled with bullets and eyes as gouged out. Yes, Villegas for sure knows how to drive the Church into irrelevance. Butig , Lanao del Sur. At least policemen from different units in Cebu province braved the early morning drizzle to show their sympathy for the families of the slain SAF policemen. They are well armed and have fought for the right to claim their own territories. Do you think they will allow their forces to be sitting ducks without doing anything?

They stand by and commit to it. Let us ensure that the ultimate sacrifice made by some members of the SAF does not go to waste.

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We need to acknowledge that local actors, despite differences in inclinations and beliefs, are all important in any effort to conduct effective missions, whether counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, or even counterpoverty.

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mamasapano massacre essay

I killed the P it is not a disaster waiting to happen, the disaster was is happening right at this very moment. People avoid accountability because those who get caught making a mistake are punished out of proportion, in fact some Filipinos have told me what the hell they were stupid enough to get caught, and then they were weak enough to admit they made a mistake so they deserve it. And maybe even the United States, a shadow over everything, a stealth actor on a deadly stage. Let us also avoid spreading rumors and fueling speculation about the incident.


Filipinos love to conjure incredible bizarre plots.

FULL TEXT: Executive Summary of PNP Board of Inquiry Report on Mamasapano Clash

Distorting facts more than information shredded away to bin to cover up? In Januaryretired Police Chief Superintendent Diosdado Valeroso claimed that he has a recording of an exchange of mamzsapano between a government official and a lawmaker as one of the evidences that will be submitted in the Senate investigation on Mamasapano clash.

Time and time again people from UP protest about something and express their opinion without really thinking about it. Forty-four SAF members lost their lives in carrying out this mission. The particular units in that msssacre are closely linked to the BIFF: You are commenting using your Facebook account.

That is why putting in place a peace process is the way forward out of the present barbaric system of having no State presence in these areas. The aftercare is fssay of his own doing. Karl do you remember the name of this Philippine colonel? They felt it would endanger the mission, and they had something to prove.

FULL TEXT: English translation of President Aquino’s speech on the Mamasapano clash

They have injured and killed many people, and they continue to ewsay the safety of our citizens mzmasapano long as they roam free. Badrudin Langalan, a farmer, was found dead hogtied at the wooden bridge in the barangay. I used to think there were actual newspapers here, and some tabloids. Peg it 25 or 30 or 50 years down the pike. And of course there is a rage directed at the Moro rebels, by whatever initials they walk under.


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Not sure if Nepalese masseuses are better than Tibetan ones. Anythig less than pointing to the president would mean that the resource persons are lying. But it should be emphasized that the investigation revealed that many of those that died did not suffer fatal wounds but were dealt the death blow, summary execution style. P-Noynoy Aquino P-Noy is so committed and determined to push this agreement to end the war in Mindanao will the Moro people and bring peace and progress to this part of the country before he steps down.

But one must believe that man is perfectible. Joe, this piece by Joseph is no scalpel but more lethal, I think my weapons are obsolete already. If it existed, the coup plotters would be universally scorned.

mamasapano massacre essay

For a political purpose to strengthen the yellow or the red fraction in dssay next elections? They should be the cream of the crop esaay they act like a bunch of morons. As Presidenthe is not only a political responsible but also by his deeds or lack of. Ilan Filipino ang mga namatay noong panahon pananakop ng Kastila bago nagkaroon ng kapayapaan?

Except in a civil war where it is only unlawful for the losing party.

mamasapano massacre essay