S usually sleep hours at night, she stated that sometimes her sleep is interrupted because of the discomfort due to her perinial incision. During sexual stimulation, these blood vessels become engorged with blood, causing the labia minora to swell and become more sensitive to stimulation. At first we were very excited and nervous, but as the days passed by we were able to conquer our fears and able to perform nursing procedures in the best of our knowledge. She can recall recent and remote memories she experienced. Performing Kegel exercises are an important component of strengthening the perineal muscles after delivery and may be begun as soon as it is comfortable to do so. The skin of the penis is loose and elastic to accommodate changes in penis size during an erection.

S has a good relationship with her family. The results of the systematic review of each topic will be summarized in separate papers as they are completed. From this learned experienced it will served as a stepping-stone for us to strive more. Assess for the following: This systematic search has identified key topic areas in postpartum care for which randomized controlled trials have been conducted.

An increase in blood pressure could indicate gestational hypertension previously referred to as pregnancy-induced hypertensionwhile a decrease could indicate shock or orthostatic hypotension.

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Good Morning First Pathophysiology-of-Nsvd. Most women start feeling them during the second or third trimester of pregnancy.

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The results of the systematic review of each topic will be summarized in separate papers as they are completed. Regional nerve blocks, such as a pudendal block or local infiltration of the perineal area can also be used. If symptoms last longer than a few weeks or if the postpartum patient becomes nonfunctional or expresses a desire studyy harm herself or her infant, she should be instructed to caes this to her certified nurse-midwife or physician immediately.


Flag for Otitis Externa Case study.

nursing case study nsvd

Young adult is a time of separation and independence from the family and a new commitments, responsibilities and accountability in social, work, and home relationships and roles. The labia majora literally, large lips are relatively large, fleshy folds of tissue that enclose and protect the other external genital organs.

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Lochia Assess lochia during the postpartum period: Instructed to tighten the vagina labor pain but buttocks upon sitting during -If labor is stressful for when the baby to prevent from childbirth. Normal bowel movement of nurding person must be 1 to 2 times a day and voiding in 3 to 4 times a day with an output of to ml a day.

The clitoris, like the penis, is very sensitive to sexual stimulation and can become erect. Her second stage of labor lasted for 20 minutes and the third stage lasted for 5 minutes.

This stage focuses on the expulsion of the placenta from the mother. But when she saw her baby she begun to felt self-worth because she is now a mother a and she has a responsibility to deal with. xase


It the baby and the is out she felt stretching and pulling is a cut to pushing phase needs the pain upon at the stitches. Postpartum nurses are essentially detectives searching for findings that might lead to negative outcomes for patients if left unattended. S confinement her body temperature ranges in normal values.


The skin of the penis is loose and elastic to accommodate changes in penis size during an erection. S is 21 years old, born on December 11, at Tarlac City.

As the penis fills with blood, it becomes rigid and erect, which allows for penetration during sexual intercourse.

Although significant gains in maternal and child mortality have been realized in the past four decades, pregnancy and childbirth still pose the greatest risk to Filipino women nsbd reproductive age, with 1: We performed nursiny care to newborn and demonstrated it to their mothers. Skip to main content.

nursing case study nsvd

There are some risk in having an ephisiotomy. But pressure on the urethra during delivery can make urination difficult postpartum. According to the Health Asian Diet Pyramid mursing should be a daily intake of rice, grains, bread, fruit and vegetables: She had to undergo episiotomy to widen the opening of her vagina primigravida with cc blood loss based on her chart.

Because of risks, ephisiotomies are not as common as they used to be.

Remember me on this computer. Present health history Few hours prior to admission patient X had watery vaginal discharge for 12 hours. Periods will resume in approximately weeks, unless breastfeeding. The foot is lifted 2. Her husband bought her fruits during her pregnancy.