I’m looking for ur answers. Hi sathishnarayan I could not see any updates in the website No cash transactions, and they give a receipt for everything. Even if the kid loses, it’s okay, cos – one needs to learn to lose, that’s an integral part of building a strong character. They are never rude and they don’t torture kids, no matter how naughty they are. What do you want the school to do for his improvement?

Any one please let me know Personally, from being skeptical about taking the plunge, to adapting to the their schooling, I’ve grown to like the school. Is there a difference between the academic standards amongst the branches? Dinajust4you , Thanks a lot. Thanks for such a detailed info.

Please fill up the form fully. Please visit the website to know your date and time of interaction. I ve read all your discussions in the group. Thnx for sharing the info veepee. Do you know if anyone got admission from Ekkatuthangal area.

Finally kid will be asked to do some of these: If you look at last year thread the PSBB posting homesork only details related to that school, those in formations jagar really useful to us.


Also, yes you can apply in only one branch. If possible, share the reviews abt VV here.

psbb kk nagar homework 2015

You ll have to pay the fees on the same date. Former is very important and latter is optional. Any one please let me know IM keen abt admitting her in psbb kkn as we reside I, alwarthirunagar, n also mainly looking gor over all development.

Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan PSBB KK Nagar – Admission – Chennai – India – Page 3

Online admission link for Prekg will open on I’m looking for ur answers. Once you fill the application form, you ll be asked to take a print out of track sheet and a registration form.

She has a short fall of 17 days to enter psbb this academic year. I am not sure that meets their criteria for both millennium and KKR psbb. Any updates on prekg admission Hello there, my daughter is soon going to be 2 yrs old, I.

Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan PSBB KK Nagar – Pre KG Admission 2016-17 – Chennai

You ll be given a date to submit your track sheet. Application form was put up on Feb 21st and an announcement was made 5 days prior in school gate as well as the website.


There are 2 teachers n one helper in each section with 30 kids.

psbb kk nagar homework 2015

Inside the site, http: You can fill them and submit them anytime in the specified duration. Thanks for such a detailed info.

I didnt know abt the distance factor at that time. Thanks Veepee for your good work.

Will they cross check with millineum??? Kk nagar has 10 sections.

Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan PSBB KK Nagar – Admission 2015-16

But I’m yet to feel the pressure. Thought will give a heads up on their process.

psbb kk nagar homework 2015

I am new to parentree. All the best to everyone. I am very happy so far.