Over time, respiratory therapy programs were transitioned to accredited colleges as undergraduate programs, and they are now taught by practitioners who are well- trained educators. Though the study indicates that PBL is as effective as the traditional method for both men and women, the numbers show that it is more effective for men, as the male participants in the study showed greater improvement, raising their test scores from 2. The Department of Respiratory Therapy offers. Academic Medicine, 75 3 , — This was the most dramatic improvement in any of the demographic groups that were analyzed. Given the small sample size, the margin of error on this study is quite high but not out of the range of validity for a study such as this.

In addition to demographic considerations, the quality and competence of the lecturer may play a role in test results. Cognitive and motivational effects of problem-based learning on medical students. A patient receiving volume-controlled ventilation has the following series of airway pressures: These data were analyzed using multivariate analyses of variance and 2-tailed t-tests for independent samples. Log In Sign Up. According to Hoffman et al.

All tests used a question multiple-choice format. Students A third member must be selected from the faculty of Georgia State University or another institution of higher. As Table 4 shows, the unpaired t-test results in the traditional group sample GSU was 0. A review of controlled evaluation studies.


Problem based learning outcomes: Journal of Professional Nursing, 16 5— As these various research findings show, the efficacy of PBL as a teaching approach is unclear.

gsu respiratory therapy thesis

Such quoting, copying, or publishing must be solely for scholarly purposes and will not involve potential financial gain. The admission GPAs of both groups were also different, although this was not investigated here, it is important to consider.

Figure 2 shows their pre- and post-test results. The relationship between critical thinking and decision-making in respiratory care students.

PBL also seems to be effective among all the age groups studied, as each group improved their mastery of learning outcomes. A comparison of competencies between problem-based learning and non-problem-based graduate nurses. One student, however, was absent on the day the pre-test was administered; thus his post-test result is not included in the analysis.

gsu respiratory therapy thesis

Academic Medicine, 75 3— General Research Guide Respiratory Therapy: This is strictly confidential Gender: A problem-based learning curriculum for occupational therapy education. I agree that permission to quote, to copy from, or to publish this thesis may be granted by the professor under whose direction it was written, by the Byrdine F.

respiratory therapy thesis gsu

This means that there was a positive relationship between the pre and the post-tests. From novice to expert.

respiratory therapy thesis gsu

The patient is receiving volume-controlled ventilation guided by tnesis patient-driven protocol. A greater difference in improvement would lend more strength to any conclusions drawn about the effectiveness of PBL. I and III only C. Even so, its efficacy remains questionable Colliver, A review of literature on its outcomes and implantation issues. This group began the test with a higher test scores than the PBL group, which scored a thssis of 2.


Proponents claim there are significant benefits Ceconi et al.

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Also, this study seems to contradict the trend in medical school programs and other fields of promoting PBL over traditional teaching methods. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. On the post-test, the students taught via the traditional method improved their scores, with a mean of 5. Over time, respiratory therapy programs were transitioned to accredited colleges as undergraduate programs, and they are now taught by practitioners who are well- trained educators.

So far, this question therpay unresolved.

respiratory therapy thesis gsu

Journal of Medical Education, 62 4— In general, these results give future researchers reason to hypothesize that PBL may be a more effective method of instruction in respiratory therapy education, but this study by itself cannot resoiratory such a claim.