A dialogical approach to self and understanding of discourse enables an investigation of how power is implicated in self-organizing. For this reason, I could conduct some as telephone interviews. For example, who initiates or takes leadership, how turn-taking is handled, how decisions are made. I introduce each interview participant by pseudonym in the following chapters, describing their background and the context of their involvement in the study. Each time we narrate part of our lives three parties are present in the narrative process: QLGBT asylum seekers have lived in defiance of social erasure, stigma, and threatened or actual violence in their countries of origin. The approach conveys some of my own struggle with and against the traditions of scholarship in my discipline, counselling psychology, and my efforts to be intelligible to a multidisciplinary audience of advocates, practitioners, policy makers, and scholars.

The expectation of progress towards a stable cultural identity, optimally one that is integrated, underlies acculturation theory. Next, I identified episodes that comprised the narratives of the interview. Participants did not seek me out, they responded to my request to share their story. I stress that I cannot and do not make any claims that this group, or interview participants, are representative of LGBT asylum seekers or refugees. Instead, they recommended viewing sexual orientation identity formation as two separate but mutually catalytic identification processes: In my therapeutic practice I have worked to attune myself to ethically important moments—noticing potential conflicts or dilemmas, anticipating potential harms, and engaging in a decision making process that considers the multiple perspective, needs, and power relationships involved Haverkamp,

In contrast, maintaining a belief in Self, that is stable and independent, is a protective illusion. All human activity is contiguous with, stretched over or distributed across, not insulated or separate from, its environment. Recruiting queer women and trans participants took more time and effort, but eventually through the contacts of Rainbow Refugee and personal networks, volunteers who met criteria came forward.

These mesh well with paradigmatic themes of hermeneutic constructivism as outlined by Chiari and Nuzzo In these conversations I prepared participants for the interview and provided an opportunity for questions about participating. Absolutely it takes courage.


In this context, how is the mobility of queer migrants co-constituted by the intersections of racialization, sexuality, gender, geopolitics, and class, among other factors? I interviewed three women who identified as lesbian or queer, two transwomen, and four queer men, three who identified as gay and one who 59 identified as bisexual.

As we engage in social-symbolic practices with others, we are co-constituting or co-creating the meanings of these practices. The validity of normative-evaluative claims in research is supported through intentional engagement in position-taking and dialoging this process. During monthly drop-ins members who have completed or who are engaged in the application process share experiences and answer questions for those considering or beginning the application process.

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Efforts 9 to locate and belong to communities of like others are prominent features in queer life stories Bryson et al, ; Eribon, ; Fortier,Weston, Positioning myself within a critical disswrtation also challenged me to work to understand the complexity of power relations and multiple, interconnected forms oppressions can take. I asked Adil, how did you figure out that it was dangerous?

Is it a trap?

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I remember him being quite shy and soft-spoken in the group at the time. As a volunteer with Rainbow Refugee I have listened to the experiences of QLGBT refugee claimants with a conviction that seeking out the comforting presence of another person to witness both suffering and survival is a step towards healing the traumas of exclusion and violation.

In this literature, threats to the well-being of migrants have been framed using psychological theories of grief and loss, acculturation stress, depression and anxiety, as well as trauma Gagnon et al. Two key epistemological tensions arise for research involving human participants.

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Dialogical interpretation of the interviews explored the subjectivity and embodiment of this intersectionality. An action orientation to social systems posits that the emergence and maintenance of any system 52 occurs through continuous construction and recursive reproduction.

Recruitment criteria specified that interview participants had completed one of three different processes to apply for status in Canada: Thus, validity claims about the subjective realm are supported through attention to the intersubjective processes in the research setting, and the ways power and relational processes may be mediating them.


My hope is that in writing about their engagement I have provided both a catalyst for others to further their own engagement and exemplars that open alternative possibilities for engagement.

sharalyn jordan dissertation

There are a lot of vigilante groups that are so manly and so macho, and they beat on guys like us. In Archives of Feeling, Cvetkovich challenges scholars not to overlook affective, emotional, relational aspects of human lives in the pursuit of a particular politics: Jamil struggled with feeling both intimately tied to and alienated by his family through much of our interview. I use queer to refer to diverse transgressive sexualities and genders produced through the intersectionality of practices, identities, and institutions in all cultures.

Through their efforts to live livable lives, QLGBT migrants have stretched the bounds of the possible. Feminist approaches to trauma provide an expanded understanding of trauma, recognizing insidious traumatization Brown, that occurs as a result disertation on-going 28 exposure to harassment, discrimination, and images or stories of bias-related stigma and violence.

Exploring the relocation experiences of female indigenous youth in foster care through storywork

A total of nine people participated in interviewing and interpretation. Human activity, including language, is understood as sedimented or saturated with pre-given meanings Werstch, It is my voice that is privileged through the research and writing process.

I provide a view of the interpretation that occurs in the joint meaning-making of the interview itself by including the interview dialogue. Much of the research in North America on sexual orientation identity has focused on 21 disclosure and openness about sexual orientation as a sign of a mature sexual identity Cass ; Troiden, Ambient harassment makes it unclear whether moving is an escape, or exile.