None of the three senators wanted a public debate After denying its existence for so many years, the government admits it was lying all along. Retrieved from ” https: Reports of three-foot-tall aliens? This official report by U.

The documentary certainly would explain the missing tapes above. The idea [of alien abductions] was simply not part of the world view that I had been raised in. I live near a greenbelt area that has a small field and a patch of woods. A secret report was titled: Mitchell is the only one to go on record about his controversial belief in extraterrestrial UFOs — and of a possible government cover-up.

Salas said he doesn’t think the UFOs he claims to stephenvjlle encountered had any offensive intent, but he believes they wanted to leave an impression.

stephenville texas ufo essay

An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base[ Los Angeles Times journalist Annie] Jacobsen details how several agencies — including the Atomic Energy Commission, the Department of Defense and the CIA — once used the site to conduct controversial and secretive research on aircraft and pilot-related projects, including planes that traveled three times faster than the speed of sound and nuclear-propelled, space-based missile launch systems.

Leslie Kean, an investigative journalist and author of the new book ” UFOs: The nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets.

stephenville texas ufo essay

Do you imagine that in our space travels we will encounter other forms of intelligent life? For many, the experience appears to have changed them. After we resolve our pressing scientific questions, it might be appropriate to make discreet inquiries as to how we could live in harmony and peace with our fellow man.


Note that some listed sources or external links may no longer be available online due to age. For me, it began on February essat, when I read an email from a list-post I subscribed to about the Stephenville sightings.

stephenville texas ufo essay

I’ve now worked with over a hundred experiencers intensively, which involves an initial two-hour or so screening interview before I do anything else. This last weekend we actually had our busiest day inand it’s usually pretty slow in January, so it was actually pretty good for us. They must also track and issue warnings on the minor planets, or even try to redirect them. Since the UFO sighting early in January, I have noticed quite an increase in traffic, people coming to investigate. The median age was And he used the words “not of this Earth.

They did not draw any conclusion as to why such movement was observed. Washington Post blogger Emil Steiner reported that conspiracy theories had arisen claiming that reporter Angelia Joiner was fired from her job at the Empire-Tribune due to her reporting of the UFO story. I witnessed a massive delta-shaped craft silently navigate over Squaw Peak, a stephhenville range in Phoenix, Arizona. For the full article at AOL News, click here. When the smoke and the confusion cleared, however, there was no evidence that the enemy had ever been there.

Navy pilots who think they may have seen unidentified flying objects will now have a detailed means of reporting unexplainable events so the military can keep track of stephenvville may, or may not, be happening.

Hastings said he believes that visitors from outer space are fixating on nuclear weapons because they want to send a message: One stephnville them approached us at tfxas high speed and esssay down a beam Symington [says] what he saw in the sky that night was “otherworldly” and he believes it was an “alien spacecraft.


Very stephenbille does a missile malfunction.

Spooky Paradigm: Stephenville UFO Flap, pt. 6 – The first videos and photos

It had the goal of disseminating information about UFOs, consciousness, the paranormal and other unexplained mysteries. Flying Toblerones, mysterious illnesses and silky-white substances are among hundreds of close encounters described in previously top-secret files released by the Ministry of Defence MoD.

JFK and the New Frontier He informed Van Tassel that his name was Solganda and that he was years stephenvillle. The incisions appeared to have been cauterized, they said.

Stephenville Sightings

View my complete profile. The Stephenville incident on January 8, saw dozens of witnesses reporting a large object in the evening sky that hovered above the community before it took off at high speed. Or download this revealing document and view it on our website at this link. Newly declassified documents from the Pentagon reveal the Department of Defense funded projects that investigated UFOs, wormholes, alternate dimensions and a host of other subjects that are often the topics of conspiracy theorists.

He and his team also witnessed various lights moving silently in the sky, of one which was “shedding something like molten metal. More than 13, NEOs have been discovered to date and about 1, are detected each year.