You can find further information and notes on the general pages of the TU Dresden: Please note that for matriculating you are required to register online at the application portal of TU Dresden. How do I prove my participation in doctoral studies at the School of Science? Here you can find contacts for all organizational issues that may arise in connection with your doctoral thesis or doctoral studies. You can register for the alumni network for former junior researchers in Promovendus. If you do not have a ZIH login yet, you can file an application for a guest login , which your supervisor has to sign.

The doctoral board will define these requirements and inform the doctoral candidate together with the confirmation of acceptance. What does that mean? How do I prove my participation in doctoral studies at the School of Science? The clearance certificate is valid for about 3 months and can be requested on the day that the application for acceptance as a doctorate candidate or opening of the doctorate proceedings is submitted. The Rigorosum can be replaced on request under the following conditions:

Recommendation of the TU Dresden The TU Dresden has passed a Resolution on Open Access-Publishing that explicitely calls researchers to make their scientific work accessible to the public by publishing on the institutional repository Qucosa.

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Then use the two best results to apply for the replacement of the Rigorosum. With acceptance as a doctoral candidate, you agree to complete your doctorate at the Faculty of Computer Science within 6 years. Disserrtation electronic version must be identical to the printed version of your thesis. The regulations for enrolment can be found in the enrolment regulations German.


Doctoral Studies

In this issue, please turn to Ms. Website search Reset Search.

tu dresden slub dissertation

Regulations and committees Doctorate regulations German Slu for Publication-based Dissertations German Academic study regulations for doctoral studies in Computer Science German Regulations for processing of personal data during the doctorate at TU Dresden German Members of the doctoral board. They are confirmed by the doctoral committee of the School of Science. Transfer the printed copies together with the declaration of agreement to the SLUB.

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What you need for electronic publishing: The maximum number of required copies is Skip to main navigation. Yes, simple copies are not enough.

tu dresden slub dissertation

The doctoral board will verify whether all admission requirements are met. If you no longer reside in Dresden or are unable to attend the meeting due to professional commitment, there is also the possibility for getting the certificate in another way: You dissertatiion use the online database www.

Printed copies must be made durable by a permanent b inding. The acquisition of key skills, including learning languages, should also be part of the programme. The documents issued by TU Dresden can be certified at the university: You also need a supervisor professor or young investigator at the Faculty of Computer Science who agrees to take the responsibility for the academic supervision of your doctorate.

Please note that a supervision agreement is to be signed between the scientific supervisor and the doctoral student dissertaation a recommendation by the DFG and the Graduate Academy of TU Dresden.


At least one of the subjects must be provided at the faculty. Dou ble -side d printing is allowed. The office is closed from 8 until 13 March You must present a confirmation of enrolment within 3 months after acceptance as a doctoral candidate.

tu dresden slub dissertation

Skip to secondary navigation. Preparation of a dissertation Disputation defence Rigorosum final oral exam Alternative: No, it would be too late. Acceptance as a doctoral candidate can be subject to additional requirements; e.

If you completed one of your studies outside Germany, your documents are sent to the International Office of the TU Dresden to verify the equivalence of your degree. All subjects end in an at least minute oral examination or in a written examination.

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In case of approval, you will be matriculated at the university as a Doctoral Student. Show map of this location. This is because the academic work thesis should dreden results that promote the development of specific area of scholarship, its theories, methods and procedures.

We would also like to draw your attention to the general alumni network of TU Dresden. Which combinations are allowed, can be complicated in some cases.