The executive board meets monthly to monitor achievement of the business plan objectives, including progress against current projects. Despite this, fees for the practical driving test have remained unchanged since and are likely to remain so until the financial year at the earliest. In addition, the Chief Executive Officer CEO meets with each director on a quarterly basis to review the detailed performance and agree any changes for the remainder of the year. DSA will continue to maintain and administer the voluntary trainer registers of large goods vehicles, fleet, official register of driver instructor training and the register of post test motorcycle trainers. The aim of the scheme is to provide drink-drive offenders with the appropriate education to help them recognise the problems associated with drink-driving and to enable them to change their behaviour in order to reduce reoffending. The audit and risk management committee is chaired by a non-executive director and the CEO and finance director attend as observers at least 4 audit and risk management committee ARMC meetings each year. This is reported to the Sustainable Development Board quarterly.

This plan sets out the measures, outcomes and important programmes that the DSA aims to deliver during and This will allow us to introduce new scenarios, which would be difficult to film safely on the road. Supporting delivery of our plan 6. We will be reviewing the arrangements for these registers as part of the wider consultation to modernise driver and rider training in Home DSA business plan, to Our plans for and 4. We will lead the implementation of the recommendations of the Department for Transport led review of the motorcycle test.

Initiatives are focussed on both estates and travel emissions and are outlined in the carbon management section above.

Excellent customer service is important to DSAand we attained full reaccreditation against the Customer Service Excellence standard inhaving been accredited since We will continue to develop our popular and effective digital communications.

The aim of the scheme is to provide drink-drive offenders with the appropriate education to help them recognise the problems associated with 213-14 and to enable them to change their behaviour in order to reduce reoffending.

Road safety DSA has a primary responsibility to set the minimum standards for driving and riding in Great Britain and will establish these standards and the necessary testing regime businesss make sure newly qualified drivers and riders meet them. We are proud that DSA is an Investors in People organisation and our accreditation will be fully reviewed and reassessed in The theory elements of licence acquisition tests, as well as instructor and professional driver testing, are delivered by our partner Pearson Driving Assessments, on behalf of DSAthrough a network of test centres and mobile facilities.


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Voosa new approvals process for the drink-drive rehabilitation scheme was introduced in Vsoa opening up the market place to those seeking to deliver the approved course. DSA is responsible for ensuring the proper and effective management and delivery of the driving tests and in doing so will ensure quality, efficiency and value. During and we will: Proactive steps will be taken to contact and assist business customers who are not yet online via phone calls, electronic communications and personal visits to their premises.

vosa business plan 2013-14

Chief Executive message The end of finds Driving Standards Agency DSA leaner, fitter, smarter and in good shape to deliver on some of the changes coming up over the next 2 years.

DSA will ensure its estate is fit for purpose in terms of buildings, facilities and amenities, is efficiently run and aligned to customer and business needs.

Where IT services were previously delivered by a single main contractor, services in onwards will be supported by a range of contracts, meeting the requirements of the government ICT strategy. Our CBT monitors will offer development, guidance and support to the industry. The executive board monthly review of corporate risks provides guidance to managers on how to respond to risks they have identified.

Expenditure is routinely monitored and managed throughout the year to ensure it remains appropriate for the level of throughput. We expect to award our call off contract in April Volumes can be found in Annex A.

Driving Standards Agency business plan, 2013 to 2015

Where appropriate, we will make use of Continuous Improvement tools and techniques. DSA is committed to ensuring strong financial management and robust systems of internal control, audit and risk management.


Chief Executive message 2. We value the constructive working relationships we have developed with key stakeholders and intend to continue to work closely with them to ensure that all relevant knowledge, understanding and expertise is involved in progressing our shared goal of improving road safety. Information from the office printers is used to target staff who print high volumes.

Bills currently before Parliament with potential links to transport safety.

DSA will also aim to strengthen its current social media presence – to communicate and engage with both customers and stakeholders on key areas such as the driving test and The Official Highway Code. Our vision is to: Our newly published national standards describe the skills, knowledge and understanding needed by drivers and riders to be a safe, responsible and respectful road users and what instructors need to know or be able to do, to deliver effective training.

We will continue to refresh our existing operational assets to ensure that we meet health and safety requirements and provide our customers with a positive experience when visiting our driving test centres; this will also include a number of sustainability projects which will help reduce carbon. Finance DSA is committed to ensuring strong financial management and robust systems of internal control, audit and buslness management.

vosa business plan 2013-14

DSA will continue to work cosa the motorcycle training industry and progress implementation of our review of how and where we deliver motorcycle tests in order to be more responsive to the needs of our customers. This common curriculum — linked to the introduction of a new Civil Service Competency Framework — will form the basis for the provision of generic skills and knowledge development for all our staff. Who we are and what we do 2.

A wide range of core skills training and development opportunities in administration, management and leadership are offered through Civil Service Learning. Looking forward to working businesw in future.