In order for employees to perceive outcome, the details in their performance must be clear from management. Before commission was just based on closing sales this depended too much on the success of the artist and IT. Get Used to It and Use It. Don’t expect your employees to be motivated to achieve something that they believe to be an undesirable result for them. Library Review, 56 9 , ABC Consulting should provide further knowledge and insight to future employees on the rewards system and what is expected of their performance to achieve this. Sales employees will have different criteria for quota.

As expectancy theory uses all of these factors multiplicatively to determine motivational force Vroom, , , having a policy that lowers just one of these can result in employees not being motivated. She also has experienced a jump in her level of instrumentality to produce quality with the bonus for good work. April is most highly rewarded by receiving promotions at work. This is a particular problem with the artist and Jess the sales rep. The effective application of expectancy theory.

This meeting did not go well.

Tom is more interested in spending time traveling with his wife and preparing for retirement. If he had an incentive to work faster, such as a bonus for working quickly or even a negative consequence for using too much overtime, it might encourage him to work better and faster. Theort could also put in a policy of firing people who abuse overtime as it hurts the company. She vroms finds the demands of her position to be overwhelming and does not feel compensated for her work there.

Predicting welfare benefit claiming using expectancy theory.

There’s Room For Vroom’s Theory in Employee Motivation

Low — Medium Tom is more interested in spending time traveling with his wife and preparing for retirement. She values the social interactions she has at work due to no friends or family outside of work, yet she feels she is under-compensated in a job that leaves her exhausted. Vooms site uses cookies. It is important to reiterate the point that all of the factors must be addressed.


Fill in your details rheory or click an icon to log in: With Jess she puts in a lot of effort and finds new accounts but is having trouble closing sales due to things out of her control. This is a particular problem with the artist and Jess the sales rep.

vrooms expectancy theory case study

Wiki Bank is a local bank with a small town feel. Due to the lack of a quota, Keith is able to work at his own pace, without the pressure of making a expectacy limit imposed by the quota and is thus accumulating a significant amount of overtime hours.

World Campus, PSU If more time is needed for a specific project the option is still there and does not punish people that use overtime for the good of the company. Due to the nature of his position, it is almost impossible to impose a quota for Keith like the other staff members.

vrooms expectancy theory case study

The Sales team is compensated using salary and commission pay structure, graphic design and website design is paid tgeory salary and IT is paid hourly. Get Used to It and Use It.

George accepted a position within ABC Consulting on the basis that he had the expectation and ability to perform the position, the opportunity to do it and the belief that vdooms efforts would be rewarded Johnson Victor Vroom’s Expectancy Theory provides some important considerations for you to consider as you work vase have a positive influence on your employees’ motivation.


At her current state she feels exhausted from work which hinders her effort leading to just enough performance to keep her job. Journal of Applied Psychology, 81 5veooms These changes have caused the employees to feel they are no longer able to communicate honestly with the leadership team for fear of losing their jobs. She works really hard and puts in effort but not being as successful as she would like due to things she cannot change.

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Case study analysis: Vroom’s Expectancy Theory – Melissa Andrew

If they want time off, they can use it but if they don’t they can receive money for those days. Using Vroom’s Expectancy Theory with effective communication collaboration, and coaching techniques can give you the ability to achieve your departmental outcomes.

She is completing 5 great and 5 of poor quality ones, in which she is fully utilizing all the sales reps changes or suggestions.

vrooms expectancy theory case study

Sales employees will have different criteria for quota. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

There’s Room For Vroom’s Expectancy Theory in Employee Motivation

Mary is 35 and new to the banking industry. It is instead based on how caxe one has been with the company. Skip to content Melissa Andrew. Are they unsure about their inability to help you achieve the outcome?