See how many ice creams you can sell and if you can make a profit. Gordons problem solving – fireworks. Great for the IWB. Gordons numberline subtraction – counting back. Four turns to A card game involving addition and place value. The site loads quite quickly and you can work offline. Gordons guess my number.

Gordons place value bingo. Gordons guess my number. Gordons pick and mix. For 1 or 2 players. This video should help to explain this if you would like to try some at home – we will be using the second method in the video which starts with the units.

Problem Solving with Data Handling.

Try this game and test your wmney. Problem Solving with Algebra. Nrich is where it’s at if your want to provide enrichment and problem solving in your lessons.

Written especially for Year 5 pupils 9 to 10 years these P. Ed the owl explains what multiples are and then you can try his quiz which will test your knowledge of multiples. Problem Solving with Number. Gordons numberline subtraction – counting back.


wmnet maths problem solving

This website is a series of interactive activities to help support the National Numeracy Strategy for Year 2 and Year 5. Rotate blocks by dragging a corner point.

Problem Solving | PixiMaths

If the instructions won’t disappear, refresh your browser and try again. Try looking up “add, addition” for an example.

wmnet maths problem solving

Ratio and Proportion Answers. Problem Solving with Probability. What is the fraction of butterflies you caught? Key Stage 2 English. Place Value Charts Excellent for understanding place value.

Click here for more information. Gordons digital time bingo. Toggle navigation Gary Hall. Problems using these resources with Chrome? It looks also at food, exercise and drug awareness.

wmnet maths problem solving

Scribble Square A hundred square that you can scribble on! The activities are engaging, they are bright, colourful and animated. Some of my favourite websites have plenty of other excellent resources proboem support you and your students in these assessment objectives. Ten Frame A fantastic interactive to play with ten frames. Codebreaker An easier variation on the classic Mastermind game. The questions are read out and marked. Test your knowledge of equivalent fractions in this game by hanging fraction cards on a number line.


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It is just a good fun way to learn about how shapes tessellate! Tangram Puzzles Rotate the pieces and fit them into the puzzles. The UKMT has a mentoring scheme that provides fantastic problem solving resourcesall complete with answers.

Fit the pieces into the water slide. This video should help to explain this if you would like to try some at home – we will be using the second method in the aolving which starts with the units. This is an excellent resource for practising rapid recall of number facts such as doubles, halves, number bonds and times tables.

Gordons addition and subtraction using tens and ones.