On top of that we have the EsLint plugin for VsCode, which looks like this in the editor:. If you feel that the rule should be part of the default React plugin or even core ESLint, you can open an issue or pull request instead of creating a custom plugin. There are a number of ways that you could get your plugin installed into an existing ESLint configuration:. If you are using ESLint as part of your continuous integration pipeline, you may not be able to simply enable your new rule as it would break the build. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Start by installing it and the generator:. In those cases, you can just create the folder with your plugin locally and commit it to your code repository.

An EsLint plugin must follow a set of conventions before it can be loaded by EsLint:. This site uses cookies. Once you have an instance of SourceCode , you can use the methods on it to work with the code:. While JsHint certainly has its benefits and comes out of the box with a lot of configurable options, EsLint allows you to configure your own custom rules. This time, to create a rule:.

However, to simplify schema creation, rules may also export an array of schemas for each optional positional argument, and ESLint will automatically validate the required error level first.

writing custom eslint rules

Try adding a simple template literal in your code. It matches the method signature sounds. That way, you can keep the rules locally to your project and still use them while running EsLint.


Writing custom EsLint rules

Custom EsLint rules come in handy on a project-level basis. Here are methods for the array-callback-return rule:. You are commenting using your Google account.

In this case, context. The context object has the following properties:. This still works, but is deprecated and rulea soon break in newer versions of EsLint. EsLint is quite a nice alternative for JsHint and is very flexible.

Creating custom rules for ESLint

I recommend you play with AST Explorer and try to write a simple rule like the one above before diving into something more complex. Get updates Get updates.

In either of these cases, the key is this: Writig the plugin For EsLint to recognize and use the plugin we have to notify it through the configuration. Sometimes it’s a problem with lack of macros or a powerful type system but other rlues rethinking the way you are using libraries can be a bigger win for maintainability. The default parser provides the block-scope feature if parserOptions.

Tools help you get the job done, not get in the way.

writing custom eslint rules

In that time a handful of engineers have created about 10 custom rules. Hacker News new past custoom ask show jobs submit. Never miss a story from Flexport Engineeringwhen you sign up for Medium. Sign in Get started. Finally, add the plugin and rule in your eslintrc file. If you run the tests now, you should see them correctly fail as we have not yet written the rule.

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Working with Rules

But in some cases, you might want to enforce one or more ESLint code rules that are specific to your particular project. The next sections will focus on getting it running against your code. If you make a fix function which returns multiple fixing objects, those fixing objects must not be overlapped.

Finally, just npm install and you have yourself a plugin! Apart from that, EsLint also gives us the infrastructure to report on problems that are found. The above methods return a fixing object.

Writing Custom Lint Rules for Your Picky Developers

If you submit a core rule to the ESLint repository, you must follow some conventions explained below. When we have this syntax tree, you could walk the structure and then write something like this for each node:. Setting the TIMING environment variable will trigger the display, upon linting completion, of the ten longest-running rules, along with their individual running time and relative performance impact as a percentage of total rule processing time.

This method works as follows:. Rkles could probably write a more thorough analyzer, but it would take a lot of time.