The king and the queen both of the carnival, each wears glamorous costumes that interpret the annual theme of the event and set the tone for other outfits. Carnival Calabar Preview Calabar: Each band can be distinguished by different names and colours. We are proud to present you with one of the best carnivals in the world Calabar Carnival! Calabar is only an hour flight from Lagos. It is what the people believe in and stand for.

Seagull Band Red Seagull Band is recognised by its distinctive red colour. But dissertation is a whole other level. According to the calabar plan by the calabar, other activities include the second edition of Essay Writing Competition, which will involve both secondary school and tertiary students. Green Carnival occurs in the morning and displays actions favourable for the environment. Join Africa’s biggest street party. The annual Boat Regatta is a colourful display of flamboyantly decorated boats, pitting local costal teams against each other. Implications For Human Rights Protection In groups participating in the event and they were distinguished by their costumes.

The centrality of carnival to cultural sustenance of Trinidad and Tobago has been stressed in the various Carnivals, Calabar pre-event publications.

The result of the survey is presented in the tables below: This survey was deliberately limited because it had to do only with this segment of the paper. Calabar is actually the capital city of Cross River State.

He wanted to turn Cross River State into the number one tourist destination for Nigerians.

Miss Africa beauty pageant occurs in the eventing 28 th December: What is the history of carnival? But dissertation is cometition whole other level.

calabar carnival essay competition

Seagull Band is recognised by its distinctive red colour. My fellow carnival lovers many of you may not know that the beginnings of carnival are thought to have started in Africa!

However, it is most strongly driven by the performing arts.

calabar carnival essay competition

The carnival, Calabar as a whole is a cultural event. The data collected from the respondents were analyzed using the simple percentage.


In this sense, therefore, if the government of Cross River State feels that the restrictions in the compettition of roads during the dry run rehearsals and the actual staging of the Carnival, Calabar is to preserve the rights of the people, the calabag must be consulted for their views on the issue and to do otherwise, is to violate the rights of the people. Africa has always known Migration, it has also been the home of many cultures for many centuries. Over the last 4 years international artists like, the late Lucky DubeAkonFat JoeYoung JeezyNellyKirk Franklinand many more has thrilled the large crowd of Nigerians and tourist from outside the country.

The competition is split into two categories. This has a lot of implication for human right as a social issue in a country like Nigeria in which democratic tenet is still in the process of being fully imbibed by the people.

It is divided into four parts which are: They have assured residents and tourists that adequate security measures are in place. The Festival also included music performance from both local and international artists, the annual Calabar Carnival, Boat regatta, Fashion shows, Christmas Village, traditional dances and the annual Ekpe Festival is a yearly events that brings in thousands of tourists.

Calabar Carnival – The Pride of Nigeria!

Deborah Oluseyi Joshua, continue reading Nigeria based English singer-songwriter, competition artist, performer, and record competition, popularly known as Seyi Shay, the face and brand ambassador of Gionee Nigeria was calanar ground to the essay of carnivals and guests at the Murtala Muhammad Airport MMA2Lagos, carnival of the unveiling.

Impact of the Calabar Carnival, 2. The Right to Travel by Human Power. The Battle of the Bands and Street Parade is even broadcast to a television audience of around fifty million!.

I myself was lazy enough to just use online dissertation help but I have some friends who did everything from the very beginning to the end and they told canival it was a nightmare.


Carnival, Calabar is part of the annual Christmas festival promoted by the government and people of Cross River State in Nigeria. Programmes of the event are drafted each year by the committee in charge of tourism and cultural activities in Cross River State of Nigeria. Therefore, this essay among other things seeks to investigate what culture s and in what way s the Carnival, Calabar and the performing arts are driven; calaabar whether or not the Carnival, Calabar and the Performing Arts in any way, help to violate the rights of citizens.

Home Essay about future jobs Pages Biography research paper rubric BlogRoll art homework help cover letter writers sydney creative writing unit of work doing homework in bed is bad asian mom do your homework. Green Carnival occurs in the morning and displays actions favourable for the environment.

【CALABAR CARNIVAL】The Pride of Nigeria |

It has been described as being the most stylish and co-ordinated band. These Africans in turn brought with them their cultural customs, languages and artistic expression which were restricted to Sundays and Christmas holidays. The event culminates in a street party held in the evening 31 st December: If restrictions on movement and closures of roads and streets are due to the participation of government dignitaries, then, let such public figures participate from bullet proof vehicles, so that the essence of carnival as processional theatre could be realized.

It has also become one of the drivers of economic activities in the Cross River state of Nigeria and indeed a tool for cultural advancement for Africa as a whole.

All these have much in common with performing arts and have significant impact on culture.