Which one should I choose? Italian, English, maths, physics, science, art history, history, geography, IT, sport. Newlands School, Al Warqa. Dear Sonia, Unfortunately, there is no Canadian curriculum school in Dubai offering Secondary school. Hi Ine, Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

The KHDA rates schools based on its own weighting system. They behaved extremely well and had a strong sense of social responsibility. She’s now at almawakeb garhood and i would like to change her. Both the schools you have mentioned appear to have excellent reputations, so it is likely to be your personal impression that will be the deciding factor. How come all of the 10 best schools are UK or similar based curriculum! Choosing A School Selecting a School?

Dubai Nursery Dubai Nursery.

If you are currently researching a school for your child, note that Dubai’s Outstanding and Very Good schools have traditionally been run at or near capacity although with increasing competition this is less the case than at any time in the past.

In order to judge the overall quality of education provided by the school, inspectors considered six key standards of performance.

Best Schools in Dubai – And Why

The Ministry of Education website contains details of the curriculum and hoomework plans but in Arabic only – https: Your son would gain admission to university in Canada with qualifications from a UK curriculum school, but as you probably know, the number of subjects taught in the final two years of the British curriculum are much narrower than in the US or Canadian usually 3 or 4 subjects only.

In terms of design, the brief by both founders was to create something that would act as a trigger hoemwork inspire children to learn, discover and explore. I want for dubau one of them to be confident in their gifts, and have the skills and self- awareness when they leave us to grow as young men and women, fulfilling their own dreams potential and ambition. Some schools have been rated Good for years, and a lower fee structure can impede the improvement of their facilities or campus.


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I know this is a long way into the future, but these are questions that may dss your decision. The devil is always in the details – but both ADEC and the KHDA allow you very easily to see what they have rated and how they have dunai it on purpose to allow you to do this Impressively, Victory Heights Primary School provides photographs of all its teaching staff on-line.

The Aquila School, Dubailand. For that we did have a question in our Q and A site here – http: He is currently a happy normal Year 5, speaking English as first language and excelling every term in his marks which was good from the start given the circumstances. Victory Heights Primary School.

Best Schools in Dubai – And Why

These choices are supplemented by a very well chosen range homeework paid-for ECAs. Could you comment on the US curriculum and UK curriculum in primary stage?

jomework All schools in Dubai need to succeed academically in order to attract new families to the school, so there will inevitably be an academic focus, but certainly for the Foundation years, the UK curriculum is all about learning through play, so neither school should be placing any academic pressure or strict code of conduct on your daughter. You can find out more by searching for the following on Whichschooladvisor. Dubqi Indian High School.

Also is there any schools that are better known for their Maths and Science programmes? From a parental point of view, I find the school welcoming, informative and forward thinking.

Victory Heights Primary School, Dubai Sports City – The Review |

Students with one eye on the future need to think about more than just grades if they wa…. This is a problem faced by many parents. Hi, I am moving to Dubai in a month’s time.


dess dubai homework

We believe that every child, in their own way, is capable of learning — and capable of succeeding. The award and punishment methods are very good to control people, but will destroy focus and interest.

Victory Heights Primary School, Dubai Sports City – The Review

Since his age will be short by 15 days for July 31 cut off, is there any way or any school where he can get admission. It would make sense to switch from the UK curriculum to the US for grade 9 year 10 in the UK system so that your son completes the full 4 years in High School. DESC students are privileged to have such a space to spend an hour reading during their library lesson, talking about books and ideas with their tutors or peers. There are a number of IB curriculum schools in Dubai who would probably be able to assist your daughter.

dess dubai homework

The teachers are fantastic and Victory Heights has such a positive and nurturing ethos. Please be aware that if your daughter is entering year 10 in a 13 year school, it is very important that she is in Dubai for the start of the academic year in September. Once you have homewofk all of the factors into account, my main advice would be to ensure homewrk you spread the applications so that you are assured of a place for your son.

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