EPA determined, based on the concentrations, that the batches did not have to be retreated. Difficulties with meeting the cleanup goal were identified only when treating soil from a hot spot. Forecasting Techniques for Business Decision Making. Summer of innovative grouting and retrieval Summer of polymer grouting Summer of variety of grouting materials Cleanup Authority: The aquifer can be described as heterogeneous and anisotropic, with hydraulic conductivities ranging from 2.

Tinkham’s Garage Superfund Site Location: May to October Cleanup Authority: November 19, to May 4, Shutdown period to assess rebound: The waste form produced by the TVS was highly durable with long-term integrity, and significant reductions in waste volumes were achieved. After confirming that treated soil met the cleanup criteria, the soil was used as general fill material for landfill caps at two sites at the LHAAP. Phytoremediation was conducted using three treatment crops of Indian mustard and sunflower over a six month period.

The chromium disposed of in the Unlined Chromic Acid Pit was in the form of chromic sulfuric acids. First demonstration of the hand-held concrete spaller on contaminated surfaces Cleanup Type: Based on the results of the pilot test, a full-scale system was installed and is operating at the site.

According to the researchers, ICE technology is most effective when initial soil gas TVH is greater than 40, ppm, when the unit can operate without supplemental fuel.

The eg& of molasses reagent solution created conditions favorable for the reduction in TCE, DCE, VC, and chromium concentrations in the subsurface.

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Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc. A total of about cubic yards of soil were identified as potentially radioactive.

The results of the demonstrations indicated that a number of the jet grouting technologies produce stable waste forms that are generally easy to remove, thus making the technology suitable for stabilization and for hot-spot removal. Fort Polk Range 5 Location: Pantex Plant, Firing Site 5 Location: Web Rotrpn Product Design. So allow me to reword this….


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The field demonstration targeted the floor of the former pit at a horizon 8 to 14 feet below the surface, with three rows of electrodes placed in sgudy foot by foot area. Previous and current source removal efforts have reduced hydrocarbon concentrations in vadose zone and saturated zone soils, and the current system does not have an adverse effect on the natural attenuation processes at the site.

Demonstration of a light weight hand-held grinder to decontaminate radioactive concrete surfaces Cleanup Type: Both systems include treatment of contaminated groundwater using air stripping, followed by recharge of treated water to the subsurface. Application of low temperature thermal desorption to treat pesticide- contaminated soil Cleanup Type: Codes used to identify heart failure cases in each database are reported in the supplementary study table S1.

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Students often get confused when they write up this section. A bioventing system was installed in and operated for three years. Based on these results, it was recommended that SVE treatment enhanced with in-situ soil heating could be used at the site as a means for completing treatment more rapidly. The pilot study showed that the rate of reductive dechlorination could be enhanced with the use of an injected molasses solution.

Or, again, perhaps there are just a number of little things that I come across. Residue from enriched uranium processing operations Contacts: As a result, we performed data case according to a procedure developed and assessed in the European Union EU -ADR exploring and understanding adverse case reactions by integrative mining of clinical records and biomedical knowledge Project 18 and also implemented in study EU funded cases.


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Applies the learning from theory and supervised practice to real client care and unsupervised application.

Site investigations at the TW site indicate that the groundwater in several areas is contaminated with chlorinated solvents and that soil contamination around MW-9 may be caase potential ongoing source of contamination. Between April and Decemberinitial bioventing tests were conducted at Air Force sites throughout the country.

eg&g rotron case study

Some of the case studies are also available on individual agency web sites, such as for the Department of Energy. Monitored natural attenuation for a gasoline-contaminated site Contaminants: The types of wastes tested included fly ash, organic and inorganic sludges, and a variety of debris; for the RBS system, nonradioactive cerium rotrln used as a surrogate for plutonium wastes.

The soil was sent through physical separation followed by acid leaching. A variety of wastes from the local Kings Bay community and the Navy were disposed of in the landfill, including solvents and municipal waste.

eg&g rotron case study

Groundwater at the Logistics Center has been contaminated with chlorinated organic compounds as the likely result of past disposal activities that included disposal of waste solvents in trenches excavated at the site.

Martin Luther King Dr. The Site occupies approximately