You should also write the reason of withdrawal. Can we apply for H4 EAD based on the receipt? I am applying for H4 EAD for my wife but there is a possibility we might have to relocate while the application is being processed. No need to notarize. As I am submitting this along with my application, the most recent A is from , which was used in obtaining the initial H4 EAD. And is the date of your new EAD effective from the next day of your previous EAD expiry date or effective from the new approval date.

Should we notarize all these photocopies? Do NOT write hate speech, swear words, or get into fight. My employer just provided that one page. Is this gap consirered as “out of status”? Part 1, number 3.

Hope you are still monitoring this thread. So the old cancelled passport has stamping for both of us. I dont have a trip in mind, should I still fill in those? The i was file for adjustment of status but marriage not going well I am cver on withdrawal the i Do I need to submit any W2 or Payslip copies?

If you entered the eligibility category c 26 in Item Number You should eda withdraw letter by certified mail or registered mail preferably by USPS and use tracking. I just got my EAD approved. Citizenship and Immigration Services P. Its time for my renewal.


USCIS Sample Application Withdrawal Letter – AM22 Tech

More than a year as some people are saying? Send supporting documentation to the address below, if required. My is pending at CSC.

h4 ead cover letter sample

The chances are high that the transfer application will be denied in the absence of RFE non submission. It depends on why you filed i in first place. I already filed AR form change of address. I am planning to apply for EAD for my wife. On Application I in coloum 15 and 16 what do i need to mention for me and my wife? Do i still need submit either h1B exd H4 copy’s?

h4 ead cover letter sample

This is a lot of good info. Questions for form I I am filling out the I form for my wife’s advance parole. Do i have to mail the application to Vermont service center itself or Chicago, IL?

I am applying AP renew for my wife, and I am employment based I USCIS only sends the acknowledgement when they actually withdraw your application based on your request. He applied for H1B extension but employer did it on regular process, they are going to convert it into premium only after July 27th. So do we need to submit all of the following: You need to submit at least one of the docs from the list to establish the identity. I was told that if my wife enters USA after the approval of my H1 B extension, her i94 date would be based on this new petition which would be approved next week and not on the H4 visa stamped validity date ie 25th August Use the paper clip and bound them together.


EAD/AP (paper based) cover letter and checklist…

H4 EAD processing time is 2 to 5 months. Both I and my wife h4 got our visas stamped during last India trip and we happened to renew our passports during the same trip.

h4 ead cover letter sample

I clver have related questions. The form will be submitted along with I H1 renewal and I H4 renewal. How to apply and get h1b. When submitting the EAD application, you need to submit copies of I and Do we need I copy of both?