The Indian Institute of Management Lucknow cutoff for the General category candidates is 90 percentile. We are going to ask you a series of questions that you wouldn’t be able to answer but we want you to figure out your way just like you did now. I felt severe pain after completing first side of the page, and struggled hard to write on the second side. Introduce yourself and tell us about yourself. Let us now cover some essay topics that have appeared in the past in B-schools entrances.

CAT Exam, the name itself makes one’s blood run cold. An MBA is necessary to succeed in life- agree or disagree? In fact, foreign universities especially in Canada give additional weightage to such profiles. IIM Indore What do you think has an immediate impact on humans — an economic disaster or environmental destruction? The round can proceed till April Why did you stop eating non-vegetarian food?

First 5 minutes on French. Keep a basic dictionary handy. The moment I took my seat, L: Parliament members must decide among themselves whom to elect as Prime Minister.

We have done everything from comedies, tragedies, political satire, to mythology. You are an electrical engineer, right?

What are your other interview calls? IIFT Whistle blowers or disloyal agents?

iim lucknow essay topics

Suppose you get an important assignment abroad and you have a baby to take care of at home; what will you do? The bottom rung of the reading ladder consists of students who come from a background of Non-English medium of education at school or college level and are not able to read English newspapers.


IIM Lucknow Interview Experiences

I felt severe pain after completing first side of the page, and struggled hard to write on the second side. Thats human nature, and an MBA demand that how well you gel with people. Tell me about your final year project. Additionally, try to summarise the contents of the article, focusing on the important ideas. Chennai floods and about rainfall in Chennai.

Discuss This list of yopics Essay Topics above will help you understand what are the areas to study, the topics asked are and how to go about preparations. Pen and Paper Writing: I asked my family to select the woman of my choice so as to marry the woman I love without upsetting social norms.

Continue these exercises, till you are comfortable with this reading material.

iim lucknow essay topics

In this article, we present a road map which will help you not only become aware of the route to the destination, which is mastering RC, but also recognize that the road blocks are all in the mind. So, what went wrong for Chelsea last season and how has Conte improved things, turned around things? What is freedom of movement? A limit question extremely basic Q2: Can you dance for us? In presidential systems, a similar process is used where legislators vote to impeach the President from office.


iim lucknow essay topics

Attend topicx Profile Plus program and give a kick start to making a strong profile. Both are IIMA profs. Now there is an employee X, who works for the Indian subsidiary.

Useful Resources Mocktest Take Test. Gandhi statues on the road, Basic things about football and photography. Extremely humble, I would say.

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I was six years old, the eldest of six children in the Bronx, when my father was murdered. Name of his latest album? Which is the most innovative company? Though my overall grade point average was disappointing, I am confident that the upward trend in my academic transcript will continue in business school.

So you believe it is entirely down to Antonio Essah