After the viva-voce examination, the recommendations of the examiners shall be placed before to the Executive Council for the award of Ph. The above members will be nominated preferably for a year by the Kulpati before the process of admission starts. Pharm course is of two years, divided Arrangement for this shall be made on a request from the candidate, duly recommended by the supervisor, to the University in the proforma given in Appendix Firstly, the admission process shall be completed before 14th August or the last date of admission decided by the University for the post-graduate courses.

After successful completion of Pre-Ph. Ordinance, Syllabus and Courses of. Evaluation of thesis and viva-voce examination An ordinance proposed by initiative petition requiring City fiim permits for commercial production of adult films to be conditioned on certain A merit list shall be prepared on the basis of this examination and shall be declared as the result of the entrance examination by the Registrar. In either case, it should evince the candidate’s capacity for critical examination and sound judgment.

The interview board shall be constituted by the Vice-chancellor.

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Pharmacy Ordinance – Solapur University O. The date, time and place of viva-voce examination shall be notified by the Registrar on the University Notice Board normally at least a week in advance so that all interested persons may attend the vivavoce examination.

In either case, it should evince the candidate’s capacity for critical examination and sound judgment.

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The examiner must also give a list of at least ten question he wishes to be asked at the viva-voce examination. One of the examiners may even be from outside the country. The presentation shall be open to all the faculty members and research students and its aim will be to get feedback and comments, which may be suitably incorporated into the draft thesis under the advice of the supervisor.


The condition of minimum period of 24 months and attendance shall not apply to such re-registered candidate for submission of the thesis. Analog to Digital Converter. A The following category of candidates shall be admitted resuot without the entrance test: Maximum prs of research candidates that can be registered and allowed to pursue research work under a supervisor or co-supervisor at any particular time shall be eight only.

They report that the Native Schools Act of expected Eewa to contribute at.

The term of the panel shall be co-terminus with the chairmen, Board by Studies. The reprint of such a paper along with reprints of other research papers published by him, if aspu, shall be appended inside the thesis at the end. County Code, banning medical marijuana dispensaries in resut zones in the County until such time that such a ban After this period if a candidate desires to pursue research work for Ph.

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Giving purpose of research in about words 3. If reprint has not been obtained till the time of submission of thesis, the acceptance letter along with the approved manuscript i.

pre phd coursework result apsu rewa

The thesis be rejected Kindly arrange for the same. The case will be put up before the RDC which will decide about the recognition. For re-registration, approval by RDC would not be required. Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement.


Provided that the panel of examiners shall be obtained from the Head, University Teaching Department of the Subject concerned, in case the candidate is related to the supervisor. Provided that in special circumstance Kulpati may appoint alternate viva-voce examiner from the panels of examiners, if both the external examiners are not in a position to conduct the vivavoce examination.

phd course work result apsu rewa

Such candidates would be required to pay an additional prescribed fee for second viva-voce examination. Evaluation of thesis and viva-voce examination In case a candidate who has been asked to revise the thesis under clause 23 bthe revised thesis shall be sent to the two examiners who had recommended revision.

Faculties and Boards of Studies to prepare papers, syllabi and also Learn how we and our ad partner Google, collect and use data. A provisional certificate shall be issued by him certifying to the effect that the Ph. University Library caution money payable once only and refundable.

phd course work result apsu rewa

One of the Professors of University Teaching Departments. Syllabus and Course Structure recommended by the Board of Studies of.

The committee may be assisted by a suitable number of teaching and non-teaching staff of the University.