Some information about the Philippine languages, language and ethnonational situation, language policy and culture of the Philippines in the 19th century we can find in the articles of ViceAdmiral V. The European schools exerted less influence, probably, except for universalism presented in the works by Spanish missionaries. Significance of the Study…………………………………………………………. As a result, it is very hard for them to encompass the deep knowledge that are supposedly already known. The project needs the help of teachers or elderly to guide this young adolescent on appreciating the Filipino language. Dalawang mahahalagang katanungan ang dadalumatin sa papel na ito. Sisipatin rin ang istilo at pamamaraan ng pagkukwento ng nobela—hindi banayad, tahimik na nangugusap, malay sa ginagawa—at kung ano ang ambag nito sa kaisipang binubuo ng akda.

The project studies the frequency of the difficulties of the students in a particular subject — Filipino. After the interpretation and analyzation of the acquired data, the researchers come to a conclusion that the students of Diadem Christian Academy are interested in studying Filipino subject. Golovin , the Russian navigator, captain of circumnavigation and corresponding member of the St. In this study you will know how it is being taught. In studying the part of speech, which do you find easy to understand?

Significance of the Study The researcher was conducted in order to examine and to know the ability of high school students in our language or Filipino language literature. Tagalog – a member of a people originally of central Luzon in the Philippine Islands. Inthe Institute of National Language INL which was created to direct the selection, propagation and development of the national language, recommended that Tagalog be the basis for the adoption of the national language of the country.

thesjs This aims to gain more knowledge for the students. La Literatura Hispanofilipina en el contexto hispanoamericano. This is from the easy to the complicated part of teaching. Activities will also help students to be more active in classes. Background of the study As we all know, Filipino subject contains studies about novels in high school students.


rrl thesis in filipino

Language Governmentality in Philippine Education Policy. The preliminary idea this paper will test: Log In Filipiho Up. Remember me on this computer. Click here to sign up. Log In Sign Up. The ideas of Linda Hutcheon and Edel Garcellano are utilized to bring in the larger sociality where textual discourses take place, thereby shunning the supposed primacy of texts and positing the dynamic ties between history writing and society.

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At the beginning of the nineteenth century their materials were used by the fathers of comparative and historical fhesis. Filipino literary classics par excellence that are considered unchanging and have bestowed significantly to the Philippine literature.

Third, the relationship between oral and written discourses and how these types of sources figured in the book are examined.

Help Center Find new research papers in: What is espoused is history writing that is open precisely because of its awareness of its location in the complexity of the societal whole. Figure 1 indicates filipini most of the students are enjoying the subject with 35 frequencies and 5 frequencies are not interested.

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Basic secondary education is conducted in four school years from sixth to ninth form and the pupil must have a primary education graduate certificate and be eleven years old. The simplest is the dichotomous questions to which the respondent must answer yes or no.


rrl thesis in filipino

Sisipatin rin ang istilo at pamamaraan ng pagkukwento ng nobela—hindi banayad, tahimik na nangugusap, malay sa ginagawa—at kung ano ang ambag nito sa kaisipang binubuo ng akda. This study concerned about how the students will understand fully the subject with enjoyment. Nagsimula ang Maikling Imbestigasyon ng Isang Mahabang Pangungulilas sa isang pagtatakang nanghahamon: The national language shall replace an elective in each semester of the second year in normal schools and shall be an additional subject of all secondary schools Bureau Education Circular No.

Majority of the students find that studying the part of speech in English language is easier than Filipino language which has 14 frequencies, 12 frequency in Tagalog and 14 frequencies said just the same.

Toward the end, a call for reflexivity is reaffirmed.

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However, there are still many unfamiliar Filipino words that are rarely used these days, especially those with deep meaning. Filipino is a prestige register of the Tagalog language, based on the dialect of Manila, and is the name under which Tagalog is designated the national language and one of two official thesie of the Philippines.

Do you ever get bored during Filipino time? High school students were used as respondents in the survey conducted by the researchers. Specifically, this study highlights the important points that teachers must consider in teaching Filipino subject.