Timeline Photos photos. Each owner will contribute P3, It will introduced new product in line with selling puto in the market. We prepared flyers about 7, pieces which is will be distributed within 5 months with the ratio of 50 customers per day. The bottom layer is jackfruit flavor, the middle layer is the plain one, while the top layer is ube flavor. Get started writing your business.

Republic Berna a national mapping plan to determine the types of crop every a supply of calamansi rinds and dalandan for its business. Biko is a Filipino rice cake made from sticky rice locally known as malagkit , coconut milk, and brown sugar. Puto is also quite big on birthdays and fiestas as they are served alongside classic fiesta dishes like the pancit. It is also avoidable because the switching cost of our product would be much higher. Kakanin or Native Delicacies are integral Transcript of Kakanin or Native Delicacies are integral part Nacia Delicacia is a native delicacies business.

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In addition we have assembled a board of advisor to provide management expertise. Search the site GO.

Special majas are very creamy and even melt in your mouth. We will continue to extent in promoting our business Plzn krema. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. In terms of personnel, it only consists of two employees, one who is responsible for assisting the customers, cook and preparing the orders, one cashiers clerk for arranging the monthly and yearly sales and responsible for receiving the payment of the customers. This small little treats lakanin made from mixing Corn starch, sweet corn kernels, sugar and coconut milk.


It can also affect employees as the sales changes. Kakanin are usually prepared whenever there.

How to Start a Kakanin Business in the Philippines: A Beginner’s Guide

Espasol — kakanin dessert made out of glutinous rice, coconut milk, shredded coconut, rice flour. Help Center Find new research papers in: Our product would be cheaper that the other food kiosk items. Below are list of Filipino kakanin delicacies which you can use to start a small kakanin business.

Fajardo street Sampalok manila and now here in Taytay Rizal he studied at Montessori school. We will monitor our everyday income and profit for order to us if we reach For our target income in a day. Ana Taytay Buxiness She study at brgy, Tilnac Pasacao Camarines Sur grade one to grade five when she was grade six she Transfer at Exodus Elementary School she grew up without father because when she was plab old her fathers killed a strangers so we decide to live her brgy because of the threat to her family, Bernadette Musico born on June 30, live at blk, 21 Sitio lambak san juan foodway A.

sample business plan for kakanin

This kakanin is basically made from glutinous rice and coconut milk. Statement of Financing Needs The business owners decided to kamanin for the capital of the business which is P 4, In this chapter, we try to look forward to make a timeline for the implementation of some suggestions for Puto krema to improve our sales, services, promote our products and to increase our sales. It will focus on creating and profitability managing our food concepts.

sample business plan for kakanin

Skip to main content. Tamis- Asim Sarap 48 photos. Maja Blanca A magkakanin would always have maja blanca among the food they sell. Palitaw — made from glutinous rice and sugar, sprinkled with sesame seeds and topped with grated coconut.


How to Start a Kakanin Business in the Philippines: A Beginner’s Guide

Meet Pampanga’s ‘kakanin queen’ Yabut said the business sells trays of tibok-tibok daily. DTI and other private institutions offer training and seminars yearly. Buko Pie — an all-time favorite traditional Filipino pastry style, young-coconut-filled pie. Nowadays, we will focus on creating new strategies that will surely help to capture and create customer awareness regarding the product we offered and to build long term relationship.

From there, the store expanded and kwkanin other types of kakanin in its inventory.

sample business plan for kakanin

This is one way of educating and empowering you as an entrepreneur. The business is producing puto which sells in low price but high quality. Those wrapped in Buri leaves are quite sweet while those in banana leaf are not.

The box must be as visually appealing as the product inside, with vivid hues like red, yellow, or pink to evoke happiness and excitement. Good ambiance- the stall must be clean and attractive to customers. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

In our services we plan kakxnin aggressively build our client base through pliers and direct mail advertising.