Designing and Producing Information WNZ designs, produces and distributes high quality sports, entertainment, and news content. We repeat the question popularity prediction experiments using AdaBoost. In the last column identify the benefits these uses will provide to the corporation. Instead of directly estimating , we employ a normalized variant of to derive the estimation: Hence, we can assume that popular users may lead to popular questions. The learning rate of our proposed question popularity prediction approach.

A travel guidance system by automatic landmark ranking. Hence, the average question popularity in length 10 equals to By maintain an information only site without online selling it simplifies the supply chain within WNZ. Hence the average popularity equals to 9. By analyzing the learning rate curve, we deduced that our approach can easily transfer to other popularity prediction tasks with lower human labeled data. Submit all the following pages but not these first three pages of this document with your answers. When the question submission time is larger than , the average question popularity sharply increases.

We then introduce the 7 systems caxe follows: It covers a range of popular topics, including subcategories. How do you cook baked chicken with boxed stuffing?

Meanwhile, user level can reflect the attention of users. As a company with worldwide product distribution, WNZ should focus in ensuring that product distribution is efficient.

wnz media case study answers

Emory University Tutors. Indian penal code 3. Hence the average question popularity equals to Thus, it indirectly reflects the popularity submitted by the asker. Enter the email address associated with your account, and we will email you a link to reset your password.


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Question Description here a homework file and the other one is related material. First, the question content is not always a good indicator for the question popularity prediction. As presented in Table 2we propose three categories of features, including the content related features, the social behavior features and the user profile features.

wnz media case study answers

You are commenting using your Facebook account. In the future, we studj to exploring more content related features and the features from other social media.

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Figure 6 represents nedia variation of the average question popularity with the growing of the question response time. Figure 6 shows that the average question popularity decreases with the growing of the question response time. More importantly, WNZ created an array of Web sites that disseminated local, regional and national news and other information.

Meanwhile, we also notice the length of the majority of questions belong to the range of 1 to Hence the average question popularity equals to 9. Therefore, how to effectively model the factors for question popularity prediction is another problem. Here, the interesting tag is a button which is labeled with a star in Yahoo! We collect a total medis ofquestions by the end of Oct 1, from Yahoo!

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Question of interesting tags of Answers Q1: These features are deduced from the factors which casr have analyzed in the section of Factors Affecting Question Popularity. Addressing these problems, we apply statistical analyses to explore factors affecting the question popularity. By maintain an information only site without online selling it simplifies the supply chain within WNZ.


After that, it continuously increases. Legal Issue who owns the content? Benchmark – Data Fase Case Study, business and finance homework help.

While, the small number of users with higher average popularity can attract most of user interests. One of the main benefits to an extranet is that studt allows a broader ability to share data with users than an intranet while still providing a very high level of security.

wnz media case study answers

However, to our knowledge, less attention has been paid so far to question anzwers in CQA. According to the Figure 3the questions with their length equals to 4 are in the ambiguous interval for the identification of popular question. Find the average number of moviegoers waiting in line to purchase a ticket, business and finance assignment help.